Short Term Car Insurance Tips For Senior Drivers

Car insurance rules keep changing from driver to driver and companies consider different factors when determining the amount of premiums a client should pay. Since the insurers are in business, it is not likely that they will come up with packages that will make them lose money.

However, this does not mean you cannot save on your policy. For seniors who drive, the following tips will help reduce the cost of insurance.

a) Use Your credit history

Seniors are likely to have a longer credit history than other drivers. If you have a good credit history, you can use this fact to negotiate for lower premiums. One of the things that is considered by insurance companies when coming up with rates for customers is their ability to pay the premiums. When a customer fails to pay, the insurance company will incur extra costs in following up the payments. Moreover, when a payment is done late, there are other administrative and processing costs that the insurer will have to contend with.

If you have a good credit history, you pose a lower risk of defaulting on your payments and therefore consequent lower costs to the insurance company. Although not all providers will accept this as a reason to give you a discount, it is good to inquire.

b) Purchase Pay As You Drive (PAYD) Plan

Seniors typically cover fewer miles than young and middle aged drivers. Most seniors prefer commuting to work or using public transport as opposed to private cars. In such a case, a Pay As You Drive scheme will be great for such a customer. With this scheme, you pay premiums based on the mileage you cover with the insured car. If you driver less times, the cost of your premiums will come down.

c) Combine Car Insurance With Health Or House Insurance

Most seniors have health or house insurance. When purchasing short term car insurance, you can get a discount if you combine it with health or house insurance. Providers usually offer discounts to clients who bring more business to them. One of the ways of doing this is by purchasing a number of policies from the same insurance company.

When negotiating for car insurance, let the insurer know that you are also taking health or home insurance from them. This is likely to make the insurer offer you a lower premium rate.

d) Go for Driving Certifications

There are a number of schools that offer refresher driving courses to seniors to help them be at par with traffic rules and symbols. Taking such courses are not only good for improving the driving skills of the participant, but they also enable them to identify any weaknesses they may have. Most insurance companies will lower your rates if you have recently taken a refresher driving course.

You do not have to go to a physical school; there are many online driving courses you can take. Simply ensure that you are taking a reputable course. If in doubt, ask the insurer for recommendations.

The above are some of the ways through which senior drivers can reduce the cost of their short term insurance. While every effort should be taken to ensure you get lower rates, it is also good to consider other aspects other than the rate. For example, consider the stability of the company, their customer service, response time, how long they take to investigate and settle claims, among others.


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